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  • Approximately 217 million days of work are lost annually due to mental illness and substance abuse disorders, costing U.S. employers $17 billion each year.

    National Business Group on Health

  • “Depression has been defined by the World Health Organization as the greatest cause of disability of any medical disease.”

    Nada Stotland, MD, President, American Psychiatric Association

  • Depressed workers average more than 27 lost workdays a year due to absence or inefficiency on the job.

    Neuropsychiatric Disease & Treatment

Crippling your employees and your bottom line.

About one in five U.S. adults has a diagnosable mental disorder. Many suffer in silence, without ever seeking treatment. And that has a profound impact on the workplace. Mental disorders are the leading cause of disability for people ages 18 to 44 and cost employers billions of dollars each year.

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