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Domestic Violence


  • Domestic violence costs employers
    an estimated
    $727.8 million in
    lost productivity
    each year.

    Centers for
    Disease Control

  • Victims of domestic violence miss nearly
    8 million days of
    paid work a year. That’s roughly the equivalent of 32,000 full-time jobs.

    Centers for
    Disease Control

  • 74% of domestic violence survivors say they were harassed while
    at work.

    Family Violence
    Prevention Fund

  • 94 percent of corporate security directors ranked domestic violence
    as a high security problem at their company.

    National Safe Workplace Institute Survey

Not a private matter

Domestic violence, or intimate partner violence, has a profound impact on the workplace. Many victims are harassed and stalked while at work, and domestic violence is a leading cause of workplace homicide, according to the CDC. Each year, domestic violence costs employers millions in lost productivity. Domestic violence is not a private matter and it doesn’t just take place behind closed doors. It’s a personal issue, it’s a workplace issue and it’s a serious issue.

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