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Childhood Obesity


  • An obese teenager has a 70 percent chance of becoming an obese adult and obesity-related health care expenses cost employers $45 billion a year.

    National Business Group on Health

  • “Our country won’t be as competitive in this very intense global market place if our population is overweight and obese.”

    Stephen Galson, M.D., Former Acting Surgeon General

  • Excess weight in childhood is associated with $14.1 billion in additional prescription drug, emergency room and outpatient visit costs annually.

    Obesity, a research journal

It is your problem.

Today, one out of every three kids is obese or at risk of becoming obese. Overweight kids face serious health risks now and down the road. If something doesn’t change, tomorrow’s workforce will end up costing employers billions in health expenses and lost productivity. This is not just a kid problem. This is not just a family problem. This is America’s problem and waiting to deal with it will only make it worse.

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